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The Graduate School program focuses both on education and research in the field of advanced life sciences, incorporating the latest advancements in life science technology and responding to a wide range of medical challenges. The results of comprehensive research are applied to the development of medical treatment for the benefit of society.

The University seeks to train its students with a high sense of integrity and creativity, endeavoring to build a closer connection, not only with the local community, but also in a global society.

These goals implement the philosophy of the Graduate School:

In Education
  • Training a team of researchers who will expand the field of advanced life sciences
  • Generating medical discoveries that meet the needs of clinical disciplines
  • Equipping professionals to pursue academic activity and healthcare with medical and intellectual integrity
  • Affirming lifelong learning and re-entry into academic life by accepting persons in occupational undertakings, and with cooperation of the University of the Air, whose study center for delivering broadcast lectures, is located on the same campus.
  • Guiding interdisciplinary work to fulfill these goals

  • In Research
  • Encouraging cooperation between basic and clinical medicine departments to develop solutions for various medical subjects
  • Promoting comprehensive research to pursue advanced medical treatment with consideration of social needs
  • Providing opportunities for departments to collaborate on interdisciplinary research on strategic projects
  • Supporting innovative employment and evaluation systems to revise the program and better educational development

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